Overcoming The Odds


Growing up in Detroit wasn’t easy. My father, a curb painter, and mother, working full-time retail, did the best they could to keep me and my two brothers out of trouble. We eventually moved to the other side of the Detroit border into an 800-square ft. home where my parents slept on a pull out couch in our living room so that we didn’t have to grow up in Detroit’s broken school system.

My dad eventually switched careers in the mid 90’s and began working in mortgages. We had it good for a few years - we finally moved into a bigger house, bought a car that didn’t breakdown every 2 weeks, finally got off of food stamps, and finally felt safe. Time went on and though my dad tried as best he could, his business eventually went under.

We lost everything. We were evicted from our comfy home, cars were repossessed, and we floated from house to house for the rest of my teen years. Instead of letting it break us, my family did what we always did: came together and figured out a way to survive.

Photo of my mom from 1997

Photo of my mom from 1997

During this time, my mom, who was my best friend in the whole world, woke up with no vision. She was rushed to the hospital and told the blood vessels in her eyes had burst and began to leak over her retinas, which was a side effect of her long battle with diabetes. She underwent many surgeries, but she never fully recovered her sight. Diabetes eventually caused her kidneys to fail, and in 2014 she passed away with all of us by her side.

Having to face sickness and loss at such an early age built an empathy in me for people that suffer. I understood what it felt like to be completely alone and I started searching for a way to help others feel less isolated. As a way to process what was happening around me I started writing songs when my mom got sick. Eventually, I found it to be a way to connect with peoples all of all walks of life. My mother was always such a bright and encouraging person - she was the type that would find the one person in a room who was sitting alone and talk to them so they would feel included. Music is my way of carrying on her legacy of showing love and encouraging people no matter who they are or what they are feeling.

I write music with my brother, Seth, (he’s more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy) and to put it bluntly, we’ve worked our asses off. Money has never been there for us to do music, but when we wanted to learn we found thrift store gear to make it happen. We bugged our friends and relatives to give us their hand-me-downs when the thrift store gear broke. We entered contests (and luckily won) when the hand-me-downs became too outdated.

I've always believed in creating my own path when necessary. In 2015, a few friends and I felt that fellow Detroit musicians needed a way to become more connected and that collaboration was the key to economic and artistic success. Together we cofounded Assemble Sound, a collaboration studio space for Detroit musicians to meet, find resources, and ultimately create good art. We raised funds, purchased a church from the 1870’s, and renovated it ourselves as a community.

I created my upcoming release entirely inside of Assemble Sound. The Broke Royalty EP is focused around the idea of not letting a lack of means dictate your future; you have to create your own kingdom, and that’s what I feel I’ve done. A lot of my lyrics center around the idea of finding your path and looking for hope in the desperate situations. "Find What You're Looking For" was written about my mom's passing, specifically her last words to me: don't let this break you. Songs like "Bulletproof" and "Push" are about finding your confidence and pushing through the bullshit.

This year has been a whirlwind of excitement - I signed to my dream label (Neon Gold), I’m headed out on my most ambitious tour yet, hitting some of the biggest summer festivals (Electric Forest & Sasquatch, amongst others TBA), and I’m releasing an EP I wholeheartedly believe in.  From this point forward, I can only hope to connect and encourage people to follow their own dreams.

Life is crazy, y’all. Thanks for reading about mine.


Here are a few tracks from THE broke royalty EP:

(To Be Released This Spring)


From my Last Release:

This song is about dealing with the loss of my mother and looking ahead at the future.



Filmed independently in Detroit, Michigan. Just finished filming--releasing soon.






Some shots from the Winter Line:





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