“How is this not the biggest song on the planet yet?” 






Filmed independently in Detroit, Michigan.



Born & raised in Detroit, MI to gospel roots, Jax Anderson fell in love with the art of the melody from a young age. Following an expedition in film, Jax spearheaded Assemble Sound, a hub of Detroit creativity that fosters artists through collaboration. It was in this space that Small Victories was crafted and polished.

An unabashedly pop record by a burgeoning pop star, Small Victories brought Jax’s vision of huge melodies and catchy hooks to light. The record was created as a coping mechanism to help Jax deal with the loss of her mother, who was her biggest fan and inspiration. As the listener makes their way through the EP, they experience Jax making her way through her mother's illness and passing, railing against it, dealing with the aftermath associated with such a loss, eventually accepting it, and using it as a driving force to continue to create. 

"Doing anything creative in life takes a lot of persistence, struggle, and hustle. But if you focus on the little things, the "small victories,” you realize that it's those things that are the most rewarding."






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